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★希望做某事hope to do sth. ★决定做某事decide to do sth. ★同意做某事agree to do sth. ★需要某人做某事need to do sth. ★使用某物做某事use sth to do sth ★迫不及待做某事can't wait to do ★准备做某事get/be ready to do ★尽力/努力做某事

1.agree同意 2.refuse拒绝 3.choose选择 4.attempt试图 5.fail失败 6.want想要 7.wish希望 8.seek寻求 9.prepare准备 10.volunteer自愿 11.consent同意 12.offer提出 13.decide决定 14.intend企图 15.ask要求 16.expect指望 17.tend倾向于 18.claim声

常见动词不定式词组、句型用法总结.固定用法(非谓语动词):以下是带to的动词不定式常见搭配 ★希望做某事hope to do sth. ★决定做某事decide to do sth. ★同意做某事agree to do sth. ★需要某人做某事need to do sth. ★使用某物做某事use

1 to bring her here2 to rest3 to borrow which book4 where can we put this bike5 to be a policwoman6 how to use this machine7 to safe this girl8 to accused yourself9 Reading to study10 to sing this song11 to study physics12 to have this medicine

He likes to read.like to do sth动词不定式中to后面的那个动词就称作非谓语动词.非谓语动词是指在句子中不是谓语的动词,主要包括不定式、动名词和分词(现在分词和过去分词),即动词的非谓语形式.非谓语动词除了不能独立作谓语外,

动词不定式.作主语 我们今天中午的任务是打扫教室.To clean the classroom is our task this afternoon.在这么短的时间里完成工作似乎很困难.To finish the work in such a short time seems difficult.作宾语 我可以坐这里吗?Do you mind my sitting

应该是 be able to do 这种固定的吧be made to do keep to sth

一、作主语,可以用it代替,it叫形式主语,动词不定式放在后面叫真正主语 1.To learn a foreign language is not easy.It is not easy to learn a foreign language.2.It's dangerous to drive very fast.二、作表语

1 I like to talk something about english2 I don't want to go to bed3 To improve my english,I read many magazines everyday4 I went out to but some apples 够不够啊 呵呵想不起来了

动词不定式概述 一 不定式的体 1. 不定式的一般式(to do)表示不定式的.动作将要发生或与谓语动作同时发生. 2 不定式的进行体(to be doing)表示不定式的动作正在发生. 不定式的完成体(to have done)表示不定式的动作在谓语动作之前发

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