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actor 男演员

I like the actor Tony Leung.He is my favorite actor, I have been stubborn said he as an actor, and exclusion of the media called him an international superstar, in my opinion he is a usually quiet, leisure, read a book, listen to music, or a person boat

(male) actor 祝你学习进步,更上一层楼!(*^__^*) 有不会的可以再问我:)

actor 男演员1.His father was an actor in the Cantonese Opera Company他的父来亲是粤剧团的演员.《柯林斯高阶英汉双源解学习词典》2.You have to be a very good actor to play that part.要想演那个角色,知你必须是个非常出色的演员.《柯林斯高阶英汉双解学习词典》3.This fall she co-stars in a film with the acclaimed British actor Kenneth Branagh今秋她和广受欢迎的英国道演员肯尼思


如果本来就是英文的呢?比如一个英美国家的男演员. 汤姆汉克斯(tom hanks):Born in California, Tom Hanks grew up in what he calls a "fractured" family. His parents were pioneers in the development of marriage dissolution law in that

actor 英 ['kt]美 ['kt] n. 男演员;行动者;作用物 中文谐音 安可特尔

I like a star.His name Is Cai Xu Kun.He Is singer and actor.He looks good

“演员”用英语可以这样说: actor; cast member; actor / actress; performer. player, performer, actor 这组词都有“演员”的意思,其区别是: 1、 player 侧重指职业或业余舞台演员. 2、 performer 使用广泛,不仅可指舞台或影视演员,而且可

My Favorite Male Actor I like to watch movie, I had watched many movies, Jackie Chen is my favorite male actor. When I was small, I watched Jackie Chen's action movie, he can beat many guys at the same time, he is many teenagers' hero. In

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