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On the sidelines of the cold war 作为冷战的旁观者Their efforts for the future他们为未来作出的努力

on the sideline英 [ n sadlan ] 美 [ n i sadlan ]释义作为旁观者,不参与 一旁双语例句1.The coach stood on the sideline s shouting to his players.教练站在场外向他的运动员吆喝.2.Bryant stood on the sideline watching,

1.They don't want to be hot-dogs.(因为他们不想变热狗)2.He's making a hog of himself.(因为他就像猪一样)3.The cold war is over.(冷战结束了.)4.Smiles,because there is a mile between the beginning and the end of it.(Smiles,两个S之间有一英里)5.At a retail store(在零售商店,re-有重新的意思)


I just only want to love you ,but everything is late !all of me in front you pretending strong !

on the sidelines 当旁观者,不直接参加 双语例句1.I recall fondly sitting on the sidelines of the court after we'd played until exhaustion. 每次回想起我们打完球瘫在边线上的场景都让我不禁莞尔.2.It will be an important opportunity to target

[图文] countries put a tax on them. This type of tax is called a tariff. Just like removing an obstacle(障碍) Since the days of the Cold War Ce 1 7th century English philosopher argued that men are born self-

The Cold War and the United StatesThe Cold War generally means the great diversion between the Western factions (led by the United States) and the Eastern factions (led by the Soviet Union). It started ever since the World War 2 is over and

Cold ongoing

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