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Don't Let the chance slip through your fingers 别让机会从你指尖溜走

I Will Remember YouI will remember youWill you remember me?Don't let your life pass you byWeep not for the memoriesRemember the good times that we had?I let them slip away from us when things got badHow clearly I first saw you smiling in the


Live one day at a time 一天天的过

I'll never let you goSo never let me goI will be your journey and you will be my boatDown the stormy pathLove will never come to passYou will be our anchorAlthough the winds may blowAnd through the depths of high and lowWherever you will go, I

The youth is full of hope and bright as a flower in bud; Poppy is also a flower, which is enchanting and beautiful;Combined the young life flower with the poppy, The flower will not burst forth but withered instead of being beautiful.Therefore If you

是不是My father told me?歌曲:《The Nights》歌手:Avicii 所属专辑:The Days / Nights once upon a younger year When all our shadows disappeared The animals inside came out to play When face to face with all our fears Learned our lessons

I manage life as a game in which you are playing some five balls in the air . You name them work , family , health , friends and spirit , and you're keeping all these balls in the air . Don't undermine you worth by compuaring yourself to others . It is

Don't let your life slip though your fingers by living in the past or in the future .

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