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麻烦下面的内容翻译成英文回答:good afternoon everyone, my name is xxx. i m glad to introduce myself to you and am happy to answer your

谁能用英语翻译下面的中文?I'm an active girl, I like to smile. I have many hobbies. I like rain, snow and other weathers.I like English also

求英文翻译!!!一定要语法正确,我明天面试要用!!!很急on the television. What's more, I love nature and I love animals. My favourite animal is dog. I am so excited and


求英文翻译~不要谷歌,金山上粘贴来的,采纳追分helpless animals, presents a picture of a doomsday scene."Love is a promise, but I am willing to provide this commitment

有些英语单词不懂,大家可以看看我的造句对不对吗?_百度知There are many kinds of animals in the zoo,such as monkeys,rabbits and so on.③as well 也是用在句末,as well as 则

小学生英语自我介绍I'm a colorful girl!Red is a classcal color,I'm red because I like (),(yellow)is a (warm)color,because I'm a

我要小学英语小短文 短的急!The rabbit is a kind of lovely again kind animal.It can run very quickly.It likes most the turnip and green vegetableses.Many

帮我修改一下这篇自我介绍I find they are cute and vivide. we should protect the animals. honstly to say, I’m a little girl who is a littl

有一首男歌手唱的英文歌不知道歌名。很有可能是Olly Murs 的《That girl》不过歌词是“for the broken hreat”链接在下 可以试听下:网页链接 如果是 "My broken

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