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let off fireworks [词典] 放烟火; [网络] 放烟花; 燃放烟花; [例句]A resident of his neighbourhood had let off fireworks to celebrate the Revolution. 他家附近的一个居民燃放了烟花庆祝革命胜利。

放烟花 set off firewoks

set off fireworks和let off fireworks都是放烟花的意思。 例句: People set off fireworks and tooted their car horns. 人们点燃烟花,按响汽车喇叭。 The teacher forbad the pupils to let off fireworks in the school. 老师禁止学生在学...

-You're gone, let off fireworks skies remained abstruse too cold.(你离开之后,放过烟火的天空依旧深邃得冷漠)-他们的笑声很悲壮 表面的辉煌掩盖不了青春的...

We also get to set off fireworks. But we never forget that this holiday...Second,National Day let us have 7 day to have good rest.In 1949 October...

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