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你要的应该是有关于surprise的短语吧我给了你一个有关surprising的用法吧牛津英语搭配词典 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------surprising adj. [搭配]VERBS be, seem 令人吃惊;好像出人意料 make sth 使…令人吃惊

relate to sth. : 与---有关;涉及; 有关; 叙述; 有关; 有联系 [同义词]: refer to sth., involve with sth., touch upon sth., deal with sth., have/as connection with sth., be connected to sth.

surprise动词 使得某人惊讶 surprised 形容词 修饰人 惊讶的 surprising 形容词 修饰物 惊讶的 crazy 形容词 razied 没有这个词

surprise sb. in the act 冷不防地当场抓住了某人 capture sb. by surprise 出其不意地俘获某人 be taken by surprise 冷不防被吓一跳, 出其不意地攻击 spring a surprise on sb. 使某人大吃一惊 in surprise 惊奇地 to one's great surprise 使某人非常惊

affect surprise 故作惊讶 ask with surprise 惊奇地问 attempt surprise 企图突袭 cause surprise 引起惊讶 conceal surprise 掩盖惊讶的心情 exhibit surprise 表现惊奇 express surprise 表示惊奇 feel surprise 感到惊奇 get a big surprise 大吃一惊 give

1. To our surprise, he went to Beijing all by foot.2. It's a surprising story.3. On my birthday, my mother gave me a surprise, which made me very surprised.解释:1.令某人感到惊奇的是“To sb.'s surprise”, 为固定搭配和用法;2.令人感到惊奇

一、短语 be surprised about 对〔听到〕…感到吃惊 be surprised at 对〔听到〕…感到吃惊 be surprised at the news 听了这消息非常诧异 surprise sth from sb 出其不意地使某人说出某事 surprise sb into tears 出其不意地使人哭起来 surprise sth out

complain about sth 抱怨某事 complain to sb 想某人抱怨 complain that+从句 抱怨某事

1、in surpise惊奇地 2、by surpise出其不意地 3、to one's surpise使人吃惊的是 to one's surprise使某人惊奇的是 surprise sb.让某人感到吃惊 in surpise惊奇地 侧重于主动,即主语处于吃惊的一种状态 by surpise出其不意地 侧重于被动,即别人做了某事使另外一个人吃惊 be surpised to do sth. surpised adj.吃惊的 surprising adj.使人吃惊的(与surprised的区别是surprising对象是物体本身令人吃惊,是物体的属性)详细么..?最佳啊~~~!!^_^

surprise的用法1. surprise可做名词,基本用法如下:表示“惊讶”时,是不可数名词.常用短语:in surprise 惊讶地;to one's surprise 让某人惊讶的是1)in surprise意为“惊奇地”常位于动词之后作状语,表示方式.如:John turned around and

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