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B I'm a pig, and my son is a rabbit. I have snakes for daughters, and my wife, believe it or not, is a dragon! Do I live in a zoo? No, of course not! I am talking about Chinese zodiac signs. Depending on the


an are answer ask aunt and at ate arrive am be bottom book but big baby bus bed bye buy cry cousin child computer corner clothes come cow city can chair China country did do draw down enelope eat eight east English easy egg fast film fo fun

big big world i'm a big big girl !我是个重要的女孩!in a big big world !在一个大世界里!it's not a big big thing if u leave me.如果你离开我,那不是件大事.but i do do feel.但我确实感到.that i too too will miss u much.我将会非常想念你!but i do


歌名是big big world

如果用have的话,一定要写having,因为这个句子的主系表已经有了,her pig主语,is 系动词,fat 表语.所以have是错的,要选with.

I visited the zoo Last weekend i with my parents to visited the zoo of xxxxx ,because the weather is sunny my mood is comfortful and i have get a high score in the exam my parents took me to the zoo .In the zoo we could saw many animals ,i gave

Girlfriend and pig is a reason to give her to eat right 女朋友和猪给她吃的理由是正确的

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